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Posted on Feb 15,2019

The market price of Ferrosilicon today is stable at RMB5500-5600/ton for 72# FeSi, and the price of big factories at RMB5700/ton. It is RMB6000/ton for 75# FeSi, price remains unchanged. And the market gradually begins to trade, but the volume is not large. Some downstream customers have stocked up before the CNY holiday. After the holiday, downstream customers who haven’t finished the stock before the holiday gradually begin to purchase the goods.
Although the market has gradually begun to sell, the release of demand is still waiting for steel factories’ recruitments in March. Recently, manufacturers are delivering orders which concluded before the holiday or some small new orders, large orders are less.
This week, the market remained stable. Next week, the market will focus on the calibration of Nangang. And also everyone wants to see the pace of market transactions. As long as there is little difference from the price before the CNY holiday, the market turnover should gradually become more active, and the market is expected to pass smoothly after the CNY holiday.


Posted on Feb 14,2019

Today is the fourth working day after Chinese Spring Festival holiday, most of silicon factories are also not in operation, they should come back to the market in early May. Currently there are 1/4 of the factories also in the market who didn’t stop producing after last December(dry period in Southwest China). Currently the price is the same as the level before the holiday, there are some inquiries in market, but mostly just asking information, and few business deals. Everyone wants to see how the silicon market will change? The Chinese year of the Pig has begun, wish everyone a great start in 2019!


Posted on Mar 06,2018

Most of traders come back office after Chinese Lunar New Year, they have offer new prices to clients,the prices are a little higher than prices before holiday, there are few orders those days,all wait and see the trend in future.About two of fifths of silcon factories in market now, as usual many factories will be back office in May or June, if there will be some new change in silicon market this year? Let us expect!


Posted on Feb 28,2018

In February, the market of ferrosilicon was affected by the CNY holiday. The intention sales of factory was strong before the year. It was reluctant to backlog the stock during the CNY holiday, and the price declined. And as some enterprises were affected by pressures of capital and inventory, the transaction price is low. However, the price of the big factory is still unchanged after the CNY holiday. The overall market looks at the tender results of steel factories in March.


Posted on Aug 10,2017

As expected West South of China into full water period from June and July,but the price did not go down,silicon price changes day by day,somebody said the price is high up in the sky,or maybe on the way to the sky,How to change in future?none know it,we only know the price of silicon have increased about over USD 250/MT from mid of June till now,Today a person of silicon web who search the silicon info in market told me the trend is also up,so let us see in future down or up?


Posted on Aug 09,2017

At present, the mainstream transaction prices of ferro silicon 10-50mm 72# and 10-50mm 75# are RMB6300-6500/ton (US $939-969/ton) and RMB6400-6600/ton (US$954-984/ton) which compared with last week increased RMB100/ton (US$14.9/ton). In view of the continuous tight supply, the industry insiders believe that the price of ferro silicon will continue to rise in the next two weeks.


Posted on Aug 01,2017

In July, the domestic petroleum coke market can be said to be almost crazy, 2007-2008 petroleum coke prices feat again, graphite electrode driven low sulfur calcined coke up sharply, adding more and more coking unit enter into overhaul period, domestic group will usher in substantial increase in price. At the end of this month, after a series of overall prices rising, the domestic petroleum coke gains have been slowly. According to analysts estimate, in 31st July, the domestic petroleum coke average price is 1954 rmb/ton, compared to 30th.June rose 564 rmb/ ton. The average price of private coke is 1880 rmb / ton, compared to 30th.June rose 614 rmb/ton. In aspect of low sulfur coke, the price is under the support of graphite electrode in the crazy prices, these manufacturers have increased their profits ushered in a sharp rise, especially petroleum coke of 1#A rose 100%, 1#B petroleum coke also follow up.

So due to above raw materials rising sharply, directly make the market price of calcined petroleum coke has been on a very high level, the calcined petroleum coke with S:0.5%max, the market FOB price has been on 880-920USD/Mt at this week, and for S:0.5-1.0%, the FOB price is 700-740USD/Mt. The analyst believe that this statue will not improve in the following months if the raw material supply is still in serious shortage.


Posted on Jul 18,2017

At present, the prices of ferro silicon 10-50mm 72# and 10-50mm 75# are RMB5550-5750/ton (US$816-846/ton) and RMB5650-5850 /ton (US$831-860/ton) which is stable compared with last week. Producers’ prices are firm at present because of tight stock supply.


Posted on Jun 13,2017

Because of the tight supply, the prices of ferro silicon 10-50mm 72# and 10-50mm 75# are increased to RMB5350-5550/ton (US $787-816/ton) and RMB5450-5650/ton (US$801-831/ton) which compared with last week increased RMB100/ton (US$14.7/ton). The price is expected to be stable next week.


Posted on May 31,2017

On May 25-26th 2017 Huicheng attended 5th world silicon forum with organizer Asian metal at Kunming Yunnan, this conference representatives in Xinjiang, Yunnan, Fujian silicon industry detailed introduced each newly capacity and output, Xinjiang has a total capacity of about 1.2million tons, ranking the first in China, please see followed form.


Posted on Mar 31,2017

China calcined coke price is already the all-time high, but the current market supply is still limited, adding environmental supervision of China government, most of the producers are no inventory, meanwhile, the consumers of calcined petroleum coke also is in low inventory, and difficult to procurement from the market. With the strict requirements of environmental protection, all the carbon plants have to improve the requirements of raw materials, more consumers expect to use mid or low sulfur petroleum coke in their carbon productions to avoid the emissions exceed the standard, which makes mid or low sulfur petroleum coke increase a lot, so the market is expected to China mid or low sulfur petroleum coke prices will continue to rise, while the high sulfur coke prices will stabilize.


Posted on Mar 30,2017

The price of silicon went down from benginning of March,most factories and traders want to sell their stocks which produced before China new year,everyone in market estimates that silicon price will go down continually ,because it will be in full water period in south of China,let us see the change in May.