In July, the domestic petroleum coke market can be said to be almost crazy, 2007-2008 petroleum coke prices feat again, graphite electrode driven low sulfur calcined coke up sharply, adding more and more coking unit enter into overhaul period, domestic group will usher in substantial increase in price. At the end of this month, after a series of overall prices rising, the domestic petroleum coke gains have been slowly. According to analysts estimate, in 31st July, the domestic petroleum coke average price is 1954 rmb/ton, compared to 30th.June rose 564 rmb/ ton. The average price of private coke is 1880 rmb / ton, compared to 30th.June rose 614 rmb/ton. In aspect of low sulfur coke, the price is under the support of graphite electrode in the crazy prices, these manufacturers have increased their profits ushered in a sharp rise, especially petroleum coke of 1#A rose 100%, 1#B petroleum coke also follow up. So due to above raw materials rising sharply, directly make the market price of calcined petroleum coke has been on a very high level, the calcined petroleum coke with S:0.5%max, the market FOB price has been on 880-920USD/Mt at this week, and for S:0.5-1.0%, the FOB price is 700-740USD/Mt. The analyst believe that this statue will not improve in the following months if the raw material supply is still in serious shortage.