With the global warming and the destruction of ecological environment, the world’s major economies have committed to the time target from carbon peak to carbon neutral. China as the world factory, its time from carbon peak to carbon neutral is shorter than that of other countries, forming a severe challenge. Therefore, with the background of achieving carbon neutralization, and the goal of creating a green development closed loop and promoting the innovative and integrated development of new materials and automobile industry in the automobile industry chain, Nonferrous Metals Society of Shanghai, Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers, Suzhou Die Casting Technology Association and SMM jointly organized the “Casting Aluminum Industry New Journey”. From March 26 to 27, under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and the support of HUICHENG and the other two, SAIC, FAW-Volkswagen, Geely, SAIC Gearbox, Konsberg Automotive and other new energy automobile die-casting experts set up an automobile new material investigation team. We visited four die-casting enterprises in Jiangsu, including Suzhou Lida, Suzhou Jincheng, Suzhou Yadelin and Kunshan Laijie, to discuss automobile material solutions and the application of casting of aluminum alloy in reducing automobile body weight and cost, as well as improving efficiency and the performance of automobile products, as the key direction of technology research and development of automobile enterprises.

During the meeting, experts and entrepreneurs exchanged extensively, from upstream raw materials, research and development of aluminum alloy new materials to die casting process, General Manager Ms Chen of HUICHENG reported the macro analysis of raw material market and introduced overseas aluminum alloy to supplement the shortage of waste materials in China’s market under the new Solid Waste Law.

Entrepreneurs are concerned about the soaring raw materials prices in 2020 and the extrusion of die-casting enterprises in downstream industries such as automobiles. In the meeting, General Manager Mr Shen of Yadelin put proposed suggestions and plans for quarterly price adjustment. General Manager Mr Mao of Suzhou Jincheng has cooperated with university researchers to develop new materials, which can increase the properties of castings and reduce the cost.

Secretary General Mr Zhang of Suzhou Die Casting Technology Association has conducted a long-term research on the die casting industry at home and abroad; he expounded the development history of China’s die casting industry, presented the gap between Chinese and foreign die casting enterprises, and discussed die casting technology and new materials with automobile die casting experts of the delegation.

During the factory visit, we saw the ‘Giant’ Buhler 4400t die-casting island in Yadelin die-casting workshop, which requires a great contribution in introducing the equipment and is rare in China. From now, Tesla Shanghai has 6000t die-casting island, which was put into operation and mass production in February this year.

In the investigation process, our company went deep into the smelting and casting enterprises in the spirit of learning. We visited the production line of aluminum alloy melting, heat preservation, liquid transportation, and automatic aluminum alloy die casting. We intuitively comprehended the usage application of raw materials, understood the requirements of aluminum alloy composition and surface quality, which the gained knowledge will provide strong reference and technical support for our company to purchase imported aluminum alloy etc other relative raw materials.