Magnesium Ingot

Primary Magnesium Ingot
1)Specification: In addition to the normal ingot of 7.5 ± 0.5 Kg/Piece,according to customer demand for processing special ingot.
2)Quality Standard:GB3499—95.
3)Product quality: 99.9% above second level of magnesium ingot and 99.95% above first level of magnesium ingot.
4)Product packing: acid dip, Magnesium pallet
5)Characteristic of Magnesium: The density of magnesium is 1.74g/cm,equals 2/3 of aluminum,2/5 of titanium,1/4 of steel. Magnesium can be machined faster. It has the high comparative strength and comparative rigidity in the commonly used structural metals. It has excellent dimensional stability, thermal and electricity conductivity, magnetic shielding performance. It has excellent damping capacity and low inertia which makes it a good choice for parts which undergo frequent and sudden high-speed changes in the direction of motion.
6)Application of Magnesium: The four principal uses of magnesium in the industry are:
a) Alloying with aluminum 40–45 percent
b) As a structural metal in die casting – magnesium alloys 33–35 percent
c) Iron and steel processing – desulfurization 13 percent
d) Rare-earth alloy, Metal reduction and others