Ferro Silicon Magnesium/Ferro Silicon Barium

The total production capacity per year of the two factories which are located in Shizuishan Ningxia Province and Laian Anhui Province is about 60,000 tons, and our annual sales volume has already passed 30,000 tons. The products of our firm have strict control of components. Nodulizers has good performance with regard to reaction and absorption. Inoculants has great variety and can meet the production demand of FCD, FC, CGI and alloys cast iron. By the unique formula, mold pipe powder has the remarkable effect to remove the pin hole of pipe casting.

Main products:
Nodulizers, Inoculants, Mold pipe powder, etc, Used by foundry factory with great variety;
Cored wire used by foundry factory;

High degree of automation production equipment, improved environmental protection facilities, strict management standards, main equipment:
3 sets of 1MT & 1 set of 0.5MT medium frequency furnace
3 lines of automatic ingredients system
2 lines of automatic crush & sieving system
20 lines of semi-automatic crush & sieving system
3 lines of automatic packing system
6 lines of semi-automatic packing system
1 line of cored wire processing system

Our lab has the professional ability to test all elements of the product and physical specifications. The main testing equipment:
ICP spectrum
Atomic spectrum
Chemical analysis system and size distribution analysis equipment
Semi automatic crushing and screening line (Ningxia factory)
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Smelting production line (Anhui factory)
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Semi automatic packaging line (Ningxia factory)
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Full automatic crushing and screening line (Anhui factory)
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Environmental protection equipment (Ningxia factory)
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Automatic packaging line (Anhui factory)
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