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The market price of Ferrosilicon today is stable at RMB5500-5600/ton for 72# FeSi, and the price of big factories at RMB5700/ton. It is RMB6000/ton for 75# FeSi, price remains unchanged. And the market gradually begins to trade, but the volume is not large. Some downstream customers have stocked up before the CNY holiday. After the holiday, downstream customers who haven’t finished the stock before the holiday gradually begin to purchase the goods.
Although the market has gradually begun to sell, the release of demand is still waiting for steel factories’ recruitments in March. Recently, manufacturers are delivering orders which concluded before the holiday or some small new orders, large orders are less.
This week, the market remained stable. Next week, the market will focus on the calibration of Nangang. And also everyone wants to see the pace of market transactions. As long as there is little difference from the price before the CNY holiday, the market turnover should gradually become more active, and the market is expected to pass smoothly after the CNY holiday.


Today is the fourth working day after Chinese Spring Festival holiday, most of silicon factories are also not in operation, they should come back to the market in early May. Currently there are 1/4 of the factories also in the market who didn’t stop producing after last December(dry period in Southwest China). Currently the price is the same as the level before the holiday, there are some inquiries in market, but mostly just asking information, and few business deals. Everyone wants to see how the silicon market will change? The Chinese year of the Pig has begun, wish everyone a great start in 2019!


The 2018 Global economic situation underwent big changes, economic markets are in turmoil. Chinese inland policies are being issued continually; stocks, funds and bonds are at the lowest value in the end of year, and steel / non-ferrous metal are also at a low level.

Mar. 8th received sad news about a fire on board the MV Maersk Honam 806W. We immediately sent official notice to PICC Insurance Claim Department, and required PICC authorize the third party inspection company SGS to perform a joint survey at the unloading port; finally inspection result was met with contract specification, not immersed by water, and the buyer effected the payment, the processing is 6 months.

Apr. 24th we attended the 2018 Chinese Silicon Industry Chain Summit, having meeting with industry professionals.

Sep. 18th we attended the Xinjiang Silicon industry summit, 2018 Xinjiang output 1069320mt, total production account for 40% of the country.

Starting on Oct. 18th 2018, this legal entity will undertake the operational role previously handled by Huicheng International Trade Co., Ltd. As a result, all direct and indirect purchases (including services) will be managed by this company. From Oct. 18th 2018, all contracts and purchase orders pending to be fulfilled must be invoiced to Huicheng International Trade Pte. Ltd.
Legal Address: 10 Anson road #29-05A International plaza Singapore (079903)
Registration No: 201831500R

Jan. 18th continued to make online Google advertisement, but stopped payment in Sep. due to ineffective results.

China Great Wall Quality Assurance Center revised Huicheng International Trade Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.


Most of traders come back office after Chinese Lunar New Year, they have offer new prices to clients,the prices are a little higher than prices before holiday, there are few orders those days,all wait and see the trend in future.About two of fifths of silcon factories in market now, as usual many factories will be back office in May or June, if there will be some new change in silicon market this year? Let us expect!


In February, the market of ferrosilicon was affected by the CNY holiday. The intention sales of factory was strong before the year. It was reluctant to backlog the stock during the CNY holiday, and the price declined. And as some enterprises were affected by pressures of capital and inventory, the transaction price is low. However, the price of the big factory is still unchanged after the CNY holiday. The overall market looks at the tender results of steel factories in March.


The year 2017 was seller’s market, it was effected by China’s reform of the supply front, Industrial enterprises above designated size realized profit amount increased 21% from last year, including State-owned enterprise realized profit amount increased 45.1% from last year. the best improve is raw material industrial, for example Mining industry increased double, Ferrous pressing and smelting increased 1.8times. Industrial enterprise’s leverage ratio has big improvement, going up raw material price:

from Feb Calcined petroleum coke with Mid Sulphur only supplied to inland Aluminium smelting plants due to excessive production capacity.

in the end of Jun Graphite electrode increased for big range, it impact the price of Petroleum coke going up.

from in the end of Jun to end of Jul the raw material of Silicon metal went up RMB2000/mt, every week it went up new price, till Aug almost all raw material refer to Steel/Aluminium industrial again went up by a large margin.

In Dec Petroleum coke again went up, Graphite electrode,FeSi, FeMo, Electrolytic manganese metal flake,Nickel etc.

May 26th we attend 5h World Silicon Forum, there are not many attendees,it invited Xinjiang,Fujian,Yunan representative to make a speech.

China great wall quality assurance center reviewed Huicheng international trade Co., Ltd ISO9001 quality system certification.


As expected West South of China into full water period from June and July,but the price did not go down,silicon price changes day by day,somebody said the price is high up in the sky,or maybe on the way to the sky,How to change in future?none know it,we only know the price of silicon have increased about over USD 250/MT from mid of June till now,Today a person of silicon web who search the silicon info in market told me the trend is also up,so let us see in future down or up?