• In Jan Huicheng invited DUBAI Aluminum co ltd to visit Shanxi CARBON MATERAL FACTORY.
  • Apr 11st Huicheng attended refractory material conference in Beijing.
  • May 16thHuicheng attended Shanghai Graphite / carbon material etc technical equipment conference.
  • May 26thHuicheng attended Ferro alloy conference in Shanghai
  • Jun 22nd Huicheng met with GM of DUBAI for purchasing bake anode.
  • Aug 28thHuicheng attendedAluminum conference in Shanghai, to meet the director of Dubai for baked anode contract .
  • Sep 18thHuicheng met with Japanese Shinken bussan co .,ltd
  • Oct 18thHuicheng met with Purchase manager of Dubai for detailed contract term.
  • Dec 6thHuicheng met with Purchase manager for purchasing baked anode.
  • Dec 12nd Huicheng visited Dubai aluminum co ltd, and introduce factory information, timely obtain feedback from Dubai production department.