The year 2017 was seller’s market, it was effected by China’s reform of the supply front,  Industrial enterprises above designated size realized profit amount increased 21% from last year, including State-owned enterprise realized profit amount increased 45.1% from last year. the best improve is raw material industrial, for example Mining industry increased double, Ferrous pressing and smelting  increased 1.8times. Industrial enterprise’s leverage ratio has big improvement, going up raw material price:

from Feb Calcined petroleum coke with Mid Sulphur only supplied to inland Aluminium smelting plants due to excessive production capacity.

in the end of Jun Graphite electrode increased for big range, it impact the price of Petroleum coke going up.

from in the end of Jun to end of Jul the raw material of Silicon metal went up RMB2000/mt, every week it went up new price, till Aug almost all raw material refer to Steel/Aluminium industrial again went up by a large margin.

In Dec Petroleum coke again went up, Graphite electrode,FeSi, FeMo, Electrolytic manganese metal flake,Nickel etc.

May 26th we attend 5h World Silicon Forum, there are not many attendees,it invited Xinjiang,Fujian,Yunan representative to make a speech.

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