In 2020, COVID-19, which suffered a hundred years of experience, has a cumulative global death toll of over 2 million, which has a major impact on the global manufacturing industry, but it is a big bull market for commodities. Central banks in various countries have launched loose monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate their economies. As China takes the lead in controlling the epidemic, China’s import of bulk commodities will reach a new high in 2020.

In 2020, the price of iron ore has reached a new high in the past seven years; Shanghai aluminum futures price has increased by 14.46% annually; China’s aluminum ingot output has set a record; Primary aluminum smelting enterprises have made huge profits; the import volume has set a record; China’s aluminum consumption accounts for 54% of the world.

Huicheng, under the guidance of policies and the introduction of the new solid waste law in difficult times, is keenly aware of and seizes the opportunity. From October 2019, the team made use of its overseas resource advantages to rapidly investigate the overseas aluminum alloy market, select high-quality suppliers, and start from production equipment, production capacity, quality certification system, transportation and other links. With the help of the industry platform, we have made good use of our rich international trade experience to serve the Chinese market. Since November 2019, we have steadily imported aluminum alloy ingots to domestic small and medium-sized aluminum alloy factories and traders, many of which are well-known brand enterprises with stable quality and recognized service, and have won praise from buyers. At the third central China Nonferrous Metals Summit Forum in 2020 jointly held by ‘’ and Mysteel Group, Huicheng was rated as ‘Top 10 High Quality Chinese Suppliers of Imported Aluminum Alloy Ingots’.