• Our reception on January 30th – one of the three Italy aluminum plant in Huicheng office, the two sides have a preliminary cooperation intention.
  • April 23 we attend 2015 (first) Chinese Silicon Industry Chain Summit, it is the largest silicon metal conference over the years,China silicon metal production accounted for 63% of global production in 2004, the export volume reached a high level, China silicon industry chain summit invited Professor Lang Xianping to make a speech with large data analysis of the new economic in China- Industry, Real estate, Stock market and Global linkage effect. At the conference, Huicheng met and exchangedmarket in the same industry, and explore the prospects of the future development of the industry.
  • May 26 China great wall quality assurance center approved Huicheng international trade Co., Ltd., and subordinate company Shanghai Tan International Trade Co., Ltd. ISO9001 quality system certification.
  • November 23rd Huicheng renew credit insurance with the Hongkong Export Credit Insurance Corporation in 2016 forbuyers’ risk, country risk.