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The pandemic, from Delta to Omicron, continued to spread worldwide in 2021. Many major cities were locked down multiple times, which affected the local economy; to react, the governments launched fiscal policies to stimulate their economies. Since the third quarter, the world has faced inflation. Many emerging market countries raised their interest rates in the first two quarters, which were further raised in the third quarter. Developed countries such as Norway and South Korea raised their interest rates for the first time. In the fourth quarter, interest rates in emerging markets continued to grow in order to slow down the inflation that was higher than expected.

Through 2021, China was policy-oriented. In the first two quarters, the Chinese government introduced policies including repeatedly ordering to release control measures to stabilize commodity prices. In particular, the China dual control policy on energy consumption had a great market impact. In the fourth quarter, the government continued its high regulation on the market, which was unprecedented. After the National Day holiday, China continued its high-pressure regulation on some commodities. As of October 27, the NDRC issued 28 documents within nine days to control the excessive rise of coal prices, issued strict energy efficiency constraints in key industries of metallurgy and building materials, and promoted energy conservation and carbon reduction plans. All bulk commodities were wiped out, including crude oil, natural gas and precious metals industry. The Chinese government’s intervention has also hit the external industrial metals, which led to commodities oversold into stagflation and market sentiment was depressed.

In 2021, LME aluminum price soared. Boosted by insufficient supply and demand recovery, LME aluminum stood above USD2800/ton, up to around 42% in the whole year–the largest increase since 2009 and continuous rising for two years. On March 15, the aluminum market in Shanghai reached a new peak, hitting RMB18000/ton. On May 10, the aluminum price broke through RMB20000/ton, which was the highest price in 13 years. On October 18, the main contract of aluminum futures set a record high price of RMB24765/ton, followed by a fall of 24% in one month. On December 30, the price of Shanghai Aluminum Future Market rose to RMB20000/ton for a second time.

Huicheng continued to import aluminum alloy ingots steadily, explore overseas markets and domestic aluminum alloy and die-casting aluminum markets, and the import volume was higher than that in 2020. The export business was stable in the first half of the year. From the third quarter, the price of resource-based products hit a record high, including sea freight. Huicheng overcame various objective factors and successfully implemented the orders; In the fourth quarter, the commodity market fell sharply in October, almost halving, and foreign customers slowed down their procurements.

In 2020, COVID-19, which suffered a hundred years of experience, has a cumulative global death toll of over 2 million, which has a major impact on the global manufacturing industry, but it is a big bull market for commodities. Central banks in various countries have launched loose monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate their economies. As China takes the lead in controlling the epidemic, China’s import of bulk commodities will reach a new high in 2020.

In 2020, the price of iron ore has reached a new high in the past seven years; Shanghai aluminum futures price has increased by 14.46% annually; China’s aluminum ingot output has set a record; Primary aluminum smelting enterprises have made huge profits; the import volume has set a record; China’s aluminum consumption accounts for 54% of the world.

Huicheng, under the guidance of policies and the introduction of the new solid waste law in difficult times, is keenly aware of and seizes the opportunity. From October 2019, the team made use of its overseas resource advantages to rapidly investigate the overseas aluminum alloy market, select high-quality suppliers, and start from production equipment, production capacity, quality certification system, transportation and other links. With the help of the industry platform, we have made good use of our rich international trade experience to serve the Chinese market. Since November 2019, we have steadily imported aluminum alloy ingots to domestic small and medium-sized aluminum alloy factories and traders, many of which are well-known brand enterprises with stable quality and recognized service, and have won praise from buyers. At the third central China Nonferrous Metals Summit Forum in 2020 jointly held by ‘’ and Mysteel Group, Huicheng was rated as ‘Top 10 High Quality Chinese Suppliers of Imported Aluminum Alloy Ingots’.


In the first half of 2019, due to the sharp rise in the price of imported Iron ore, the high fluctuation in the price of Coal, Coke, Scrap and other raw materials, and the increase in environmental protection costs, the production costs of steel enterprises rose sharply and their benefits decreased significantly. on Dec 27, 2019, the national bureau of statistics released statistics showing that profits from ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing fell 42.3 percent year-on-year in the first 11 months.

In 2018 More than 50 percent of Chinese aluminum plants reported losses. the price of the whole year of 2019 moved up slightly compared with that of 2018, and low inventory supported the aluminum price, the overall trend was stronger than that of foreign countries, Rusal and other aluminium smelters are facing pressure to cut prices due to expected week market condition in the coming year-From Aluminium insider.

Mar 15th attended Metal+ Metallurgy China 2019.

Apr 10th attended Yunnan tengchong silicon conference.

May 8 Huicheng Singapore passed the review by the Great Wall quality assurance center of ISO 9001:2015 Quality system certification.

May 27 Huicheng update website and Linkedin.

Huicheng put great effort into our supplier audit project from Emirates global aluminium(EGA)
Sep 11th Huicheng was successfully enrolled as an approved supplier.

Implement the concept of GREEN SUPPLY CHAIN on the new website, introduce Huicheng was audited by EGA through supplier evaluation, and notify foreign customers in text.

HUICHENG participated in the Supply-Demand Matchmaking Conference of the Second China International Import Expo on Nov. 8th, 2019, and signed cooperation agreement with The Aluminium Federation of South Africa (AFSA).

HUICHENG visited SMM. The two sides had a full exchange and communication on the domestic and international market and trend of non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum alloy ingots, and further understood the product ‘Metal Enterprise Q’ of SMM.


The 2018 Global economic situation underwent big changes, economic markets are in turmoil. Chinese inland policies are being issued continually; stocks, funds and bonds are at the lowest value in the end of year, and steel / non-ferrous metal are also at a low level.

Mar. 8th received sad news about a fire on board the MV Maersk Honam 806W. We immediately sent official notice to PICC Insurance Claim Department, and required PICC authorize the third party inspection company SGS to perform a joint survey at the unloading port; finally inspection result was met with contract specification, not immersed by water, and the buyer effected the payment, the processing is 6 months.

Apr. 24th we attended the 2018 Chinese Silicon Industry Chain Summit, having meeting with industry professionals.

Sep. 18th we attended the Xinjiang Silicon industry summit, 2018 Xinjiang output 1069320mt, total production account for 40% of the country.

Starting on Oct. 18th 2018, this legal entity will undertake the operational role previously handled by Huicheng International Trade Co., Ltd. As a result, all direct and indirect purchases (including services) will be managed by this company. From Oct. 18th 2018, all contracts and purchase orders pending to be fulfilled must be invoiced to Huicheng International Trade Pte. Ltd.
Legal Address: 10 Anson road #29-05A International plaza Singapore (079903)
Registration No: 201831500R

Jan. 18th continued to make online Google advertisement, but stopped payment in Sep. due to ineffective results.

China Great Wall Quality Assurance Center revised Huicheng International Trade Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.


The year 2017 was seller’s market, it was effected by China’s reform of the supply front, Industrial enterprises above designated size realized profit amount increased 21% from last year, including State-owned enterprise realized profit amount increased 45.1% from last year. the best improve is raw material industrial, for example Mining industry increased double, Ferrous pressing and smelting increased 1.8times. Industrial enterprise’s leverage ratio has big improvement, going up raw material price:

from Feb Calcined petroleum coke with Mid Sulphur only supplied to inland Aluminium smelting plants due to excessive production capacity.

in the end of Jun Graphite electrode increased for big range, it impact the price of Petroleum coke going up.

from in the end of Jun to end of Jul the raw material of Silicon metal went up RMB2000/mt, every week it went up new price, till Aug almost all raw material refer to Steel/Aluminium industrial again went up by a large margin.

In Dec Petroleum coke again went up, Graphite electrode,FeSi, FeMo, Electrolytic manganese metal flake,Nickel etc.

May 26th we attend 5h World Silicon Forum, there are not many attendees,it invited Xinjiang,Fujian,Yunan representative to make a speech.

China great wall quality assurance center reviewed Huicheng international trade Co., Ltd ISO9001 quality system certification.


Huicheng revised newly website and increased Mobile version, on Oct 31st was officially online and Notice all customers.
Nov 7th was officially online Google advertisement, promotion Global market for America/Mexico/German/Mid east /Asia.
China great wall quality assurance center revised Huicheng international trade Co., Ltd ISO9001 quality system certification
From Jan 1st 2017 Chinese government will cancel export duty for Graphite flake, and reduce export duty for partly Ferro – alloy, for example FeSI/FeCr/SiFeCr/FeTi/FeV/FeNb.



Our reception on January 30th – one of the three Italy aluminum plant in Huicheng office, the two sides have a preliminary cooperation intention.
April 23 we attend 2015 (first) Chinese Silicon Industry Chain Summit, it is the largest silicon metal conference over the years,China silicon metal production accounted for 63% of global production in 2004, the export volume reached a high level, China silicon industry chain summit invited Professor Lang Xianping to make a speech with large data analysis of the new economic in China- Industry, Real estate, Stock market and Global linkage effect. At the conference, Huicheng met and exchangedmarket in the same industry, and explore the prospects of the future development of the industry.
May 26 China great wall quality assurance center approved Huicheng international trade Co., Ltd., and subordinate company Shanghai Tan International Trade Co., Ltd. ISO9001 quality system certification.
November 23rd Huicheng renew credit insurance with the Hongkong Export Credit Insurance Corporation in 2016 forbuyers’ risk, country risk.



Huicheng has advertisement in the first issue of EUROASIA2014 Magazine.
March 12th Dalian Tianbo trade limited company visited us to introduce Magnesia ramming material and refractory products.
March 13th Huicheng visited well-known metal materials company for purchasing silicon metal matters April 5th Huicheng met with the old European trading company on raw material purchases.
April 8th KUEHNE NAGEL headquarters in Shanghai visited Huicheng to put forward shipping business agent.
June 4th Shanghai Tan country Trading Co. Ltd. Putuo branch was established.
Huicheng website introduction column with English version loaded Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn in Jun, in order to further enhance company in the image of the overseas market.
June 26th Huicheng attend Silicon metal conference issued by CNFEOL, to meet some new factories to further expand procurement channels.
July 17th The Indonesia trade company visited Huicheng to negotiate the business of imported Zinc.
September 23rd the headquarters of the METALBULLETIN member of the publisher visited Huicheng to introduce its products.
December 5th Huicheng discussed the Hongkong Export Credit Insurance Corporation the first time for export credit insurance with one year Insurance contract from Feb 1st 2015.



From OCT 3RD to 8th 2016 Huicheng visited Erdemir/Egegli/Kardemir/Ege etc steel plant and Sahinler etc Aluminium alloy plant, Kumas/Superate etc Refractory material plant and some trading company in Turkey.



From Feb 15th to 17thHuicheng visited Yunnan baoshan silicon metal factory.
HUICHENG participated in Arab Steel Summit 2012 and World Steel Exhibition 2012 from September 30th to October 2nd 2012 in Casablanca, Morocco. and have exhibition booth at this summit, which introduce three areas of products for Steel Industry.
May 23rd Dalian yingkou Renwei mining company visited Huicheng to introduce their product.
Oct 19th Huicheng met the Egypt agency regarding to Egyptian steel cooperation.